Tony Gebely Tea Epicure
A Guide to Tea Tasting
10 Years in the Making...
This beautifully laid out, hierarchical list of 211 tea flavor descriptors (see sample below) is broken into 28 primary and secondary categories for easy visual navigation.

Using a standard set of terms to describe teas will not only help you refine your palate, it will also help you better communicate with other tea-nerds, as you'll both be using the same language.

This tea flavor lexicon is a result of years of research and having tasted thousands of teas. To verify my work (and because I’m a huge computer nerd), I analyzed the text of 1169 tea reviews and product descriptions from across the web to ensure that there were no omissions.
  • Refine your palate and build on your mental flavor library.
  • Better communicate with other tea-heads, as you'll both be using the same language.
  • Evaluate teas like a professional tea taster.

This is what you will get...

But that's not all... 

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We'll also send you a PDF of five chapters on tea preparation and tasting from Tony's acclaimed book, Tea: A User's Guide, in addition to your flavor guide for only $1.00!
  • 30 pages of content on tea prep and tasting
  • Entire book retails for $45 on Amazon
  • Learn to evaluate teas like a pro
  • ​A perfect companion to the tasting lexicon
  • ​Level up your tea game, start a tea journey
  • ​Easy to understand steeping charts
  • ​Overview of the science of tea brewing
Sample Tea Steeping Chart
Example of one of the included tea steeping charts
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